Be kind: circus theater for babies

Until now, you could bring young kids to the theater when they were about two years of age. "We can do better than that", is what dancer and director Emilie Weisse thought. She therefore developed a theater show for even younger kids.

A journey for the senses
You and your little one are invited to explore the wonderful world of the circus on September 8th or 9th 2022. Be kind is an intimate theater experience for babies between 6 and 18 months old. In this show full of sound, color and movement, two artists will take the young audience on a journey of the senses. From singing birds early in the morning, to luminescent juggling cones at dusk: the show follows the rhythm of the day. The decor slowly comes to life. There is always something rattling, appearing, cracking, rolling or floating.

Exploring together
The little ones will get acquainted with acrobatics and juggling. During the show, a heartwarming dialogue arises between the artists and their young audience. The children are allowed to join in, but they do not have to. Because of these spontaneous interactions, every show is a little different. Afterwards, the artists will invite the little ones onto the stage. They are allowed to crawl into the decor to explore the special materials used for the show. Be kind also designed a baby book which can be used to continue exploring at home.

Art and science
To adjust the show to recent scientific knowledge on babies, director Emilie was advised by our own Sabine Hunnius. With new insights from cognitive developmental neuroscience, Emilie studied how to touch, surprise and involve the young audience. For this special collaboration between art and science, Emilie and Sabine received the Mingler Scholarship .

Unique opportunity for BRC parents
Parents who signed their child up for research at the Baby & Child Research Center, will get the opportunity to attend one of these special shows in Nijmegen for free . This only applies to parents with children between 6 and 18 months old. Please respect this age limit and apply this to every child in your family.

Practical information
Pre-première: Donderdag 8 september 10.00 (VOL)
Première: Donderdag 8 september 15.00 (VOL)
Voorstelling 1: Vrijdag 9 september 10.00
Voorstelling 2: Vrijdag 9 september 15.00
Duur: 30 minuten + 10 minuten naspel
Locatie: De Lindenberg Nijmegen

Sign up
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