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Are you pregnant or do you have a child younger than six years old? And do you want to contribute to new knowledge about babies and children? Please sign up below!

Once you signed up, you will enter our database. When we start a project on mothers in a certain week of their pregnancy, or on children of a certain age, we will invite you if you or your child meet these requirements.

Is this a bad time? No worries; per study you decide if you want to participate.

We have three different locations in Nijmegen, all at the university campus.

Some studies take place in one of our research centers; other studies are online. Another possibility is that our researchers will visit you and your child at home. 

Thank you so much for participating! We now know a little bit more about the development of baby and child. 

To thank you, you receive either a gift or a small amount of money after participation.

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What do parents say?

Joyce Westhoff
Joyce WesthoffParent
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"Participating is fun! And everyone is very sweet to the kids. Keep on the good work!"
Maartje Jolijn
Maartje JolijnParent
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"It's great fun to observe what those little ones are capable of."
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"I participate in the SMILEY study; everything is well taken care off and the researchers are great."
Tessa Weijers
Tessa WeijersParent
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"First of all, my 6 month old daughter loved it. In addition, the researchers prepare you really well and guide you through the process. It also feels good to be able to make a contribution."
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"It's fun! The researchers give a lot of attention and they guided us well through the research session. It's both interesting for us parents and a nice challenge for our child."
Nienke van Hees
Nienke van HeesParent
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"It's fascinating, interesting and you contribute to science. Everything is well taken care of and well facilitated."
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"It's great fun! And it feels good to contribute something. Everyone is always so friendly and calm."
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"Great activity to do with your child, and it's a small contribution to the piggy bank ;). Participating is useful and everything is well taken care off."