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Yes, parents are always present when their child is being tested.

Yes, you can pull out of the study at any point in time.  

When we make an appointment with you we will let you know if video recordings will be made. If you prefer that no recording be made, you can let us know.

Unfortunately, we only look at the results of the group of children as a whole. Therefore, we are unable to inform you on individual results. We do however post the results of our studies on our Instagram, Facebook and our newsletter (in Dutch).

No. The tests that we do for our research are not suitable for detecting developmental problems in your child, so we are unable to give this kind of information.

For most studies you can choose a gift for your child or a small amount of money (approx. 10 euro). Unfortunately we cannot reimburse travel expenses.

For some studies, these rules do not apply. In that case you will be informed upon invitation.

You can call our lab manger on 024-3611203. She will try to answer your questions or if necessary put you in contact with the researcher.

You can also send an email to

About your appointment

Please call our office: 024-3611203. If you get our answering service, please leave a message and we will get back to you. Messages are listened to regularly throughout the day.

Please call our office: 024-3611203. If you get our answering service, please leave a message. Messages are listened to regularly and we will call you back to make a new appointment.

If your child has an infections disease, such as chicken pox, please call us (024-3611203) to make a new appointment. If you get our answering service, please leave a message and we will call you back to make a new appointment.

When we make an appointment with you, we will send you a confirmation letter with our address and a map of the location where your appointment will take place. This will generally be at one of our main locations.

On the day of your appointment we will wait for you well ahead of time in the agreed place. If you arrive very early, you can call the telephone number in your appointment letter.

We have reserved parking spaces for all our visitors. These parking spaces are free of charge and are indicated on the map that we will send you when we make an appointment with you. At some locations you will need to take a parking ticket from the machine in order to gain access to the campus, but we will cover the parking costs.

Yes, we have a changing table and you can feed your baby in our playroom/waiting room.

Normaliter wel, echter kan dit vanwege Covid-19 soms afwijken. Informeer hierover bij uw onderzoeker. 

Bij sommige onderzoeken is het mogelijk dat er iemand met u meekomt naar de afspraak. Informeer hierover bij uw onderzoeker. 

About your personal data

Collaboration with municipalities
The Baby & Child Research Center collaborates with several municipalities in the province of Gelderland. From them, we receive the addresses of all parents who recently had a baby. The municipalities may provide us with this information for the purpose of scientific research.

Information letter
We use the addresses only for sending you a one-time information letter about our research center. We only use your data for our research purposes and we do not provide your data to anyone else. If you do not sign up for our research, your personal data will be destroyed.

Protection of personal data
The data will be saved in a password protected database. The password is only for a select group of researchers and is changed regularly. Data in the database will only be used to get in touch to make an appointment. We will never provide your data to third parties.

For more information, read our privacy policy.

Your child's anonymity is guaranteed under all circumstances.

The research data collected from your child is analysed as part of the group of children tested and then used in scientific publications. No information is published that would identify your child (e.g. name).

The data collected is given a code and stored and only staff working on the study know which code is linked to your child. The research data can only be accessed by external researchers without personal information or other information that could make it possible to identify your child. For more information on this subject, please see our privacy statement.

In het bovenstaande filmpje wordt het beleid dat wij binnen het Baby & Child Research Center handhaven uitgelegd. Het Baby & Child Research Center is een samenwerkingverband tussen de Radboud Universiteit, het Max Planck Instituut voor Psycholinguïstiek en het Radboudumc. Alle drie de instellingen leven dezelfde strenge regels na. Lees voor meer informatie over dit onderwerp ons privacybeleid.

You can opt out at all times. In that case, we will delete your personal data from our database. Please get in touch with us by e-mail.

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation you have a number of rights with regard to your data and their processing:

You have the right to view your personal data. If you wish to view your personal data, you can request access by sending an e-mail to

You can submit a request to us asking us to change your details (send e-mail to

Limiting processing
You also have the right, under certain conditions, to limit the processing of your personal data.

Right to object
If certain processing takes place on the grounds of the legitimate interest of the Baby & Child Research Center, you have the right to object to that processing.

Data transfer
You have the right to obtain your personal data from us. We will provide these in a structured and accessible form, which can easily be opened in other common digital systems.

Retracting permission
For all cases in which the basis for data processing is your consent, you have the right to revoke that consent. This has no consequences for what has already been processed, but does mean that we will no longer be allowed to process this data. In this case you can unfortunately no longer participate in our research.

Submit your request
A request can be sent to We will process your request as quickly as possible (within one month).

More information
For more information on this subject, we refer you to our privacy policy.

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