Sabine Hunnius

Directeur BRC & Hoofdonderzoeker

About me

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I am director of the Baby and Child Research Center, head of the BabyBRAIN research group and professor Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University.

Together with my research group, I study:

  • How babies learn from the world around them. We are interested in how babies explore their environment, whether they differ in curiosity levels and how to stimulate curiosity in children.
  • How do babies get in touch with the people around them? We study how babies learn to understand other people, and how they learn to play and do things with others. We also want to find out how babies and young children learn new things from their caregivers.
  • How young children with autism develop.

It is important to me to share our insights and knowledge with parents and professionals. That is why I wrote a popular science book together with Michiel van Elk: "Het babybrein: Wat iedereen moet weten over de hersenontwikkeling van baby’s". In this book we describe the enormous developmental changes young children go through within their first months and years, and we describe how their brain develops.

Read more?

Hunnius, S. (2021). Achtung Baby! Boeiende tijden in het onderzoek bij zuigelingen. De Psycholoog, 2021/1, 1-19.