Interactive workshops for parents and their babies

In collaboration with Babybrains, we are organising three workshops for parents and their babies (up to approximately 1 year old). In these sessions, we aim to provide parents with the most recent scientific findings to improve the quality of the parent-child relationship. The workshops will be in English.

We are offering the following workshops:

  • 9.45 - 10.45:
    Mind reading for babies: how do they learn other people have thoughts and feelings too?
  • 11.30 - 12.30:
    The art of motivating: moving away from rewards and punishment
  • 15.45 - 16.45:
    Language is key: the complexity of language and its relevance for the mind

De workshops zijn praktisch, interactief en natuurlijk gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke kennis.
Ze vinden plaats op 29 juni op de Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen. Deelname is helemaal gratis! Let op: de workshops worden in het Engels gegeven.

For every workshop we can invite 5-8 fathers and or mothers with their child (younger than 1). Parents who signed up for BRC research will have priority, all other parents will be put on the waiting list at first.

Please register by sending an e-mail to Do not hesitate, there's a limited number of places available!