Jessica Ramos Sanchez

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I am a Ph.D. student working at the Donders Institute on the mechanisms behind children's curiosity and learning and their relationship with their cognitive development.

I am fascinated by how children learn from all the regularities and information available in their daily environments. My Master's research project focused on how children with and without developmental dyslexia use repetition during listening to improve their later speech perception. I am also very interested in studying how infants and children with cognitive developmental disorders (Autism, Down syndrome, Dyslexia) might explore their environments in different ways and thus apply different strategies to learn.

For my Ph.D., I will work on a project that aims to find what makes infants and children curious and how curiosity develops across age, what aspects of the environment drive children's exploration and how does curiosity manifest and drive learning in children with developmental disorders (i.e., Autism).

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Ramos-Sanchez, J., & Arias-Trejo, N. (2018, February). Lexical Phonological Networks in Children with Down Syndrome: An Initial Syllable Similarity Priming Task with an Eye-Tracking Method. In Proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology (Vol. 5).