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My name is Ciske and I am a research assisent at the Language Development department of the Baby & Child Research Center.

Previously I did an internship at the Smart Baby Suit Project of which I wrote my thesis about. With the Smart Baby Suit Project, a bodysuit with sensors is being developed that can measure the behavior and activity of a baby, so that long-term measurements can be taken outside the consultation office. This allows atypical features to be demonstrated and it may be easier to identify children with developmental disabilities in the future (such as autism ) to diagnose and help.

At the moment I am helping with research into the development of children, especially in the field of language. My activities include contacting parent(s), conducting investigations and analyzing & processing data. This is what I do for the research: Complexe Zinnen Studie (Complex Sentences Study), GazeSpeech and the Language 0-5 Project.

In the Complexe Zinnen Studie, we try to find out why some sentences are more difficult for children to understand than others. I will play a variety of games with you and your child and we also use EyeTracking. At GazeSpeech and the Language 0-5 Project I am responsible for analyzing the data and the visual material.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your child at the BRC!