Doubling of anxiety and depression in pregnant women during lockdown

13 Oct 2021

The first COVID-19 Lockdown left many people feeling unsafe and scared. From a BRC study published this week, we now know the effects of this lockdown on pregnant women. As described on the Radboudumc website, these women experienced many worries about the new and unknown virus, diminished social contacts and loss of work and income. In addition, the supporting role of the partner increased, but social and healthcare support fell short. The combination of extra worries and reduced support contributed to a doubling (!) of anxiety and depression among pregnant women during the pandemic.

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Read a more elaborate report on the study on the Radboudumc website. The original scientific article can be found below.

Vacaru, S., Beijers, R., Browne, P.D. et al. The risk and protective factors of heightened prenatal anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 lockdownSci Rep 11, 20261 (2021).