Manon Krol

Senior Onderzoeker

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Do you know how the brain develops? And do you know how this development is related to changes in behaviour and to neurodevelopmental disorders in children? These are the kinds of questions that I find very interesting. I am intrigued by many aspects of psychology, especially cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and neuropsychology. These areas are all included in the research that I conduct.

In 2017 I obtained my PhD for my thesis entitled: 'Dynamics of cortical oscillations related to anticipating and observing actions in individuals with and without autism spectrum disorders.' Now I am involved in the Preschool Brain Imaging and Behaviour Project (PIP). The PIP project studies the development of preschoolers with and without autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. With this research we want to examine the differences in brain development and behavior in a large group of young children in order to better understand the impact of these differences on the development of developmental problems. My research is funded by Aims-2-Trials.

Maybe we will meet each other soon! I am looking forward to it!