Joanna Rutkowska

Junior researcher

About me

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The way we carry out actions on objects depends on what we want to do next. I am interested to find out how infants use the way we move when we interact with objects to learn about our intentions. For example, when we pick up a mug, how does the infant see whether we will drink from it or put it away? Which features of our movement do they use to predict our next action? How does the infant learn to do this? I am also investigating whether infants can learn about our emotions from our movement, and whether they use that information to decide which object to engage with themselves.

I am currently working on and testing for two on-going research projects. 'Intention in movement' is a project investigating whether infants can see the differences in movements with different intentions. 'Information in movement' is a project investigating whether infants act on the emotional information contained in movement.

My research is part of the MOTION project.