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As a PhD student I am very interested in mental wellbeing, especially in the mental wellbeing of mothers (to be). Previous research shows that the mental wellbeing has an influence on the development of the (unborn) child. Therefore, it is even more important for the mothers (to be) to feel good during their pregnancies. 

Starting the first of June 2022 I will be working in the Developmental Psychobiology lab, which is part of the BRC to investigate the effectiveness of professional mental support in the perinatal care.

During this research project I will investigate together with perinatal care professionals and parents (to be):

  • What the existing perinatal care looks like and what might be still missing;
  • How we could shape the function of such a perinatal mental health professional;
  • Whether this (extra) mental care in the existing perinatal care will have an effect on the wellbeing of parents (to be);
  • How this new care could be implemented in the existing perinatal care.