Theater for babies was a success!

03 Oct 2022

On the 8th and 9th of September it was finally there: Be Kind, the theater performance for babies. We were present at this unique combination of circus and theater for the little ones!

Perfect combination
Tijdens deze voorstelling namen twee artiesten de jonge kinderen van 6 tot 18 maanden mee op een zintuiglijke reis. De perfecte combinatie van geluid, licht, kleur, beweging en interactie hield de jonge kinderen de hele voorstelling geboeid. Van het gezang van vroege vogels tot lichtgevende jongleerkegels in de schemering. Het pop-up decor kwam langzaam tot leven en er was altijd wel iets dat rammelde, kraakte, rolde of zweefde.

Exploring together
The artists involved the young audience in the performance and they were even allowed to participate. After the performance, the artists invited the children to explore the playing field together. The balls rolled across the floor, the decor was carefully studied and the parents/guardians present were shown everything again.

To adapt the performance to scientific knowledge about babies, director Emilie Weisse was advised by our own Sabine Hunnius. For the special collaboration between art and science, Emilie and Sabine received the Mingler Scholarship from the Academy of Arts. We would like to thank them, together with TENT Huis voor Hedendaags Circus, for setting up this special experience. The performance is currently touring throughout the Netherlands. For more information click here. Photos were taken by Moon Saris.