Tommaso Ghilardi

Junior researcher

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My main interest is understanding how infants are able to extract statistical information from action sequences and use this knowledge to predict future actions. For instance, infants might see that, after reaching for a mug, adults usually bring it to their mouth and only sometimes do they reach for a spoon to add some sugar. After seeing this repeatedly, infants are able to predict what is likely going to happen when someone reaches for a mug.

I use different techniques to explore how infants are able to extract this information and where in the brain this knowledge is reflected. At the moment I explore the activity of the motor area of the brain, which is where motions are processed. What happens in these areas during action prediction? I use both EEG and fNIRS; two different methods to measure brain activity.

My research is part of the MOTION project.

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Ghilardi, T., Meyer, M., Monroy, C. D., Gerson, S. A. & Hunnius, S. (Accepted stage 1 registered report; in completion). Statistics in motion: Does the infant motor system predict actions based on their transitional probability?  Doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/79ntm