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I am Jefta, research assistant at the Language Development Department of the Max Planck Institute. I mostly keep myself busy with testing participants for various studies. Otherwise I usually help researchers solve practical problems in their studies. Sometimes that would be processing data, but could also be helping to design a study.

To make sure appointments are correctly planned, my assistant-colleagues and I call parents ahead of the appointment. I test and call mostly for studies that make use of Eye-Tracking and EEG (electroencephalography), and soon a study with animal videos and a special task...

EyeTracking uses a camera which can detect eye movements very fast and precisely, much faster than when someone has to push a button for example. EEG makes use of a sort of swimming cap with sensors, measuring the activity of the brain. That may sound a bit scary, but it is completely safe and without any danger. 

And although I like using EEG very much, I like answering questions about it even more. So please do ask.

I hope to welcome you in the lab someday!