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I work as a postdoc researcher in a collaboration between the Radboudumc and TNO (the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research).

My main research interests are psychobiology and pedagogics. I started my academic path with a Bachelor degree in Psychobiology and a Master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Thereafter I got interested in pedagogics. During my PhD, I studied the influence of parenting behavior on children and the interaction between parenting behavior and biological child factors.

As a postdoc researcher, I investigate effects of parenting support (such as interventions) provided by Youth Health care organizations, on parents and children. In daily practice, there is a need for more evidence-based support for young families. With this research we hope to learn more about the effects of parenting support and thereby to contribute to improving or optimizing this support.

Research questions I try to answer are:

  • What kinds of support are provided by Youth Health Care organizations?
  • Do parents and children benefit from this support?
  • What are the experiences of parents and professionals?

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Windhorst, J, Fang, Y. (Yuan), Fierloos, I.N, Crone, M.R. (Matty R.), Van Mourik, K. (Krista), Jonkman, H. (Harrie), … Raat, H. (2019). Evaluation of effectiveness of (elements of) parenting support in daily practice of preventive youth health care. BMC Public Health19(1).